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New ways to gain sponsorships for your event

Sponsorship can make a huge difference to the outcome of your event. The key to gaining good sponsors has to do with how best you can sell the event. (Read more)

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Cultural Events around the world

What is it about cultural events that brings people out to celebrate in thousands? What is it that makes the nightmare of parking, waiting in long lines and using a usually not so clean portable
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About Us


Black Swan Events Inc. (BSE) focuses on bringing your dream events to fruition! We specialize in assisting our clients manage a one-of-a-kind event that brings out their vision and passion, giving them and their guests the ultimate experience.

We understand that customer satisfaction is crucial to our success, which is why we aim to present a fresh look on the event planning process as we provide solutions for a stellar event. We invest quality time in getting to the core of our customers’ needs and aim to surpass expectations by delivering the finest service possible. This practice makes our approach exceptionally unique.

Why choose us? We know how to plan, manage and seamlessly execute a well-run event.

Our passion to deliver highly personalized events is one of the reasons why we have built an excellent reputation. We strive to operate our business with distinction and integrity as we maintain commitment to our global community.

If you can dream it, we can plan it!

Our Services

Event Management Services

Whether corporate or social events, we provide end to end event management services, where we give our clients the option of hiring us to plan the entire event, or manage a portion. Which ever option chosen, we pride ourselves in providing the right tools to execute a stellar event.

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Event Resources

Need Help finding the right items for your event?

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Public Relations Services

How important is it to get your event out there? We are assuming VERY important! With access to some of the top media houses,writers and editors of major newspaper companies, we present your event as "the" event to showcase.
We take a strategic approach to package the communication around your event that builds mutual benefits for both your event and the public, causing editors to want to write about your event and have their followers attend.
Is Public Relations different from Marketing and event? The answer is Yes
Simple explained, PR professionals work on presenting and maintaining the image of your event, by showing how the event is beneficial to the community. Marketing is engaging your audience and making them aware of the upcoming event.
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Need Resources for your event?

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